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High achievers, people who are passionate about what they do, rarely achieve greatness alone.

It’s cultivated in a growth-minded environment where you’re
empowered to think bigger and aim higher.

Digital Services and Marketing Professionals

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind DSMP.” — Napoleon Hill

Here you are part of a small group of passionate and driven over-achievers committed to developing meaningful relationships that positively influence not just your business, but all aspects of your life.

Develop a blueprint to reformulate your products, services, marketing, and promotions to mirror the activities and strategies that have contributed to the combined 9-figure revenue of DSMP.

Level up and surround yourself with a group of success-minded individuals who not only know what’s working but why it’s working and how you can apply it to your businesses.

Our members’ accomplishments are proof that there is still money to be made.

Never leave money on the table again. It’s time to leverage a network of experienced and ambitious business owners committed to helping you master the skills needed to drive you forward by helping you recognize and take advantage of the opportunities around you.

Dominate your industry by tapping into a private network of kindred spirits who know your struggles and will help you find solutions, increase your profits, and nurture the connections that will grow your business.

The quality of people you surround yourself with has a profound effect on your trajectory in all areas of your life. Everyone in our group is unique in experience, connections, and skills. As you interact with each other, you’ll develop new talents, sharpen your own abilities, and learn from the individual successes seen within the group.

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This isn’t for everybody. DSMP members continuously raise the bar by challenging each other and exceeding expectations.

We know it takes hard work and commitment to create profitable systems and implement the growth strategies that separate our members from the average business owner.

  • You will work collaboratively, sharing, and receiving feedback with successful individuals on how to increase your impact and your income.
  • You will conceptualize ideas that help you set and crush powerful goals, learning from the experiences and skills of others.
  • You will create and execute actionable plans, and problem-solve collectively with the help of people who have done it all before.
  • You will be held accountable to implement by the next meeting the activities and commitments you shared with the group.
  • You will have your own due-diligence team to use as a sounding board for critical business decisions.

As a member, you play an integral part in creating a powerful network that serves the unique needs of entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs who want to scale their businesses and enhance their personal lives by working together and mentoring each other.


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